How to Use Telegram

Friends, as you all know that WhatsApp has changed its terms and conditions here. Now you have to accept all the terms and conditions, that is, only then you will be able to use WhatsApp. And as a friend, you know that WhatsApp is Facebook’s own application, as well as Instagram, along with WhatsApp. Facebook is an application somewhere, because some time ago Facebook had bought Instagram and WhatsApp and now the term and conditions have changed here, now according to us we are expected to be shown ads as well as our privacy i.e. Our chatting, chats we do or whatever we talk about, somewhere we are very much afraid that the privacy of our chats might get leaked because as you know that Facebook many times Is.

There is a lot of siege in this matter, so it will be seen here. Friends, today we are going to learn how you will be able to use Telegram? Because Telegram is a very safe application and a very advanced level application. How do you create an account on Telegram? How to use in this video? We will tell you complete information and try to explain well how to use Telegram.
First of all, let’s go, to use Telegram directly on the mobile phone screen, you have to first download Telegram on your phone from Google Play Store. When you download Telegram here, you simply have to open it and friends, there are many amazing features in the Telegram application and as you did above, first of all you have to click on Gantt messaging here.

Here first of all you have to leave +91 because the country code of India is +91 and here you have to type your mobile number first. Let us type the mobile number here and then we will forward it from here. If you proceed further, you will see a little bit of this method here, which will provide buffering and after taking time here, it will verify your number here.

Here automatically a missed call will come and it has been verified here. Now you have to enter your first name here and your last name here. I have filled the first name and here you have to fill the last name and here you have to do next and as you delete, after that here you will see that something like this will appear in front of you and second is our telegram account here. It has been made.

Now here you have to first click on the three lines and here you can put your profile picture. You have to click here at the top and click on Set Profile Photo and here you can add any of your photographs from your mobile phone’s gallery and click OK from below and as soon as you click OK, our profile photo will appear here. It has also been installed here, so you can make it your username because whenever someone searches you on Telegram, he will be able to search you with your username along with your number and so friends, you can create your username here. But if you create it, you will see it in this manner here. Navin Karuna is available. If it is available here now, we will do it from here and as you do, ours will be visible here now. Whoever searches us will search with the name At The Rate (@). You can easily join us on Telegram and you will see the purchase here, you have to click again at the top. Here you can first add a group i.e. create a new group.

Whatever group you create, you will keep adding it in this way and you will also add members to win. Maximum you can add 2,00,000 members here, which is a big thing and after adding, it will be like adding them to a group. You will do this from here and first of all you have to give any name of the group and after giving the name, you can also add its photo here. There is no problem and after that you will accept it from here and as soon as you do OK, you will see that your group will be created here and maximum 2,00,000 people will be visible here, you can add along with it, now what is there is here. You can also share the public link and along with it friends, you get more facilities here. Let’s bag it.

Here you will click again friends, here you will go to the contact. So whatever your friends are here on Telegram, you will see all your friends and here you can invite anyone and if you want, you will click on Find People Near By, then whatever your friends are near you, they will be there. You will see here. But here you will have to turn on its location.

First of all, now whoever is in your friend circle will be able to see who is around you, which is a very amazing feature. Guys, seriously, this is an amazing feature. Apart from this, you will be able to use many things which are available here. If we go back, click again, here you can check the call history and whether you are currently talking on the call. From which people will you see call details here? In addition, you will see it here, as I just told you, People Near By, you can check who are your friends around you, along with that, if you go to the safe message, you will see a If you have cloud storage like Google Drive, then you will be able to use it here in this way.

Which of your photographs will you be able to add here? You can easily put some or any other file here. And whenever you ever want to find that file, what you will do from here, open Telegram again and you will see what is here at the top. Something like this and whatever file you save, if you want, you can search here on the saved in this way as well. Something like this and whatever file you add here, you will be able to use it like a cloud here. Will be seen here.

There are many more photos. Then you will be able to add this file here and easily you will be able to access it from anywhere like from your laptop computer. Apart from this, you get many advanced level features in many settings, like you will be able to turn off notifications here. You get the privacy settings here like you can check what is there to block you sir by blocking here and also who should have your number?

You can make privacy settings here. Also, friends, you will see the last scene here, you can enable and turn off the phone, and many more settings are also available here. Let’s bag him. Apart from this, friends, you click here. If you click on the side here, you will be able to access more than one account here. That means if you have a telegram on two different numbers then you will add account here. So here you will be able to easily add the second number here also.

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